Episode 307

Let's Detox Your Home


February 17th, 2019

34 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

You will be SHOCKED to know the number of chemicals lurking in the average home!

We are here with info, tips & suggestions to help you rid your home of as many as possible as quickly as possible.

And because this topic & the action you will take after you listen, is so important to your health please share this epiosde with a friend or family member.

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Let us know via email if you would be interested in participating in a Home Detox Challenge, like the Urge to Purge Challenge. Email us [HERE]([email protected]).

Here are some easy detox steps you can take right away:

Get glass food storge & re-heating containers. See the ones Anita uses HERE.

Do not use & immediately recycle all plastic water bottles & food containers that have BPAs.

Use a water filtration system. Check this one out HERE.

Change your cleaning products to natural toxin free formulas like those produced by Aunt Fannies.

See Aunt Fannie's A rating by the Environmental Working Group HERE.

Use the code HEALTHYHOME for 25% off your order HERE thru 2/26.

Another toxin free cleaning product is the all purpose concentrate Thieves formula from Young Living. Thieves cleans everything in your house leaving it toxin free & smelling wonderful. We also love the Desert Rose Diffuser that comes with the Young Living Essential Oils starter kit. Have a look HERE for the Thieves products & the diffuser.

If you are interested in learning more about Thieves & how essential oils can improve your life we can connect you with our friend Susan, an all oil knowing sweetheart. Just send us an email and we will hook you up with Susan and the oil details.

Another stellar natural cleaning product is The Original Bees Wax Spray. Not just us, but House Beautiful deems it ... "The best furniture polish". But it doesn't stop there, it works on marble, stainless and even glass! Get a can or two HERE.

Kelly's favorite easy way to lessen toxins in your home - A NO SHOES INSIDE POLICY. Listen to learn, beyond the obvious why this rule is essential to follow!

Fertilize your lawn & garden with natural products, such as worm castings. Read Kelly's indepth post as to why this fertilizer is the way to grow! Click HERE.

Decrease the amount of dry cleaning you do and when you must, take the items out of the plastic bag or, ask for no bag, and let air out before you place in your closet.

NO MORE DRYER SHEETS! Use wool dryer balls. Get them HERE.

Oh there are more tips, suggestions & of course laughs, so tune in to listen ..and please do share this episode with someone you care about.

Kelly & Anita

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