Episode 311

Best Method For Decorating a Bookcase


March 3rd, 2019

48 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Armed with our formula for creating a styled & meaningful bookcase you will be able to design your shelves with one eye closed & a hand tied behind your back! Fool proof tips & advice for a space that is hard to get right.

We start off with a controversy of sorts ... find out which way we land on it!

Not just books, but decorative items, photos, slavage pieces, tall, short, medium height there is a place for so many of your special things on your bookshelf, but not too many of them.

Listen in for the formula to designing a stunning bookcase.

Have a read of Kelly's post which likens designing a bookcase to a legal case. Fun read - click HERE.

Decorate a bookcase for spring click HERE.

Decorate a bookcase holiday style click HERE.

Here are links to some of what we mentioned:

Firstly, as a mid winter boost ~ enjoy 15% off your order at Bespoke Decor using the code LISTENERLOVE15. Click HERE to shop! ( _did you see our new closet bags with lavender ? _)

Boxwood balls click HERE.

Stacked boxes click HERE.

Cloche click HERE. Love the sparkly top on this one!

Kelly's Ikea crush, the Gladom Tray, which is actually a table. See it HERE.

Anita is enjoying the new adaptation of Vanity Faire. Check it out HERE.

Kelly & Anita

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