Episode 319

Faux Flowers and Plants


March 31st, 2019

50 mins 33 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We are giving faux flowers & plants a closer look ~ and guess what ... ?
We like what we see.

Today's faux are a vast improvement over years gone by. That being said, all fauxs are not created equal.

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We found the best, have loads of tips & suggestions on how to incorporate fauxs ~ and as always share it all with you!

Always love a preserved boxwood wreath - find the one Kelly has HERE.

In honor of opening our minds to fauxs we are offering you a 15% discount on the beautiful handmade balsa wood and birch bark Everlasting Arrangements by artist Heather Pando.

Find them HERE and use the code Floral15 to receive the discount.

Even Kelly, who has been decidedly no faux for years, has come around! Listen in to hear which faux branch she has allowed through the door...

Also find out the faux collection she had high hopes for but was disappointed by in person :(

Kelly has a DIY faux forced branch tutorial HERE.

We cover all the pros and the con of fauxs. Tell you what to look for in a good faux and a great faux. Give tips on how to use faux in your home to the best advantage, how to care for fauxs ... and more!

Here are few faux that we think pass muster:




Olive trees



Sources for faux flowers and arrangements that we really like:

Abigail Ahern

Crate & Barrel

Pier One




Diane James

McGee & Co.

Crushes for today:

Anita - Defensive Driving Class

Kelly - Stick vacuum - if you can love a vacuum, this little powerhouse has my heart!

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Kelly & Anita