Episode 329

Decorating With House Plants


May 5th, 2019

42 mins 1 sec

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House plants literally & figuratively breathe life into your decor. They clean the air, fill akward spaces and give height.

Do you have any in your home? Well, you should!

Don't tell us you have a brown thumb. We don't believe in those or green thumbs for that matter. Choose the right plant for the right spot and follow some common sense advice and you'll be growing like a pro!

Add spanish moss to a potted plant for a finished look and to help retain the moisture. Get a bag or two HERE.

Add a few drops of THRIVE to your watering schedule & your plants will definitely thrive! Get a bottle HERE.

Kelly has an idea to add a shelf for plants under the window sill in her DINING ROOM.

Kelly loves these cement pots. Check them out HERE.

Here is a list of easy to grow house plants:

Peace Lily
Spider Plant
Cast Iron Plant
Snake Plant
English Ivy
Shamrock Plant
ZZ Plant

Our crushes:

Kelly's is a rambling rose. A Lady Banks Rose to be exactly. Learn more about hem HERE on her blog and order one from Monrovia HERE. It won't work inside, but you need plants outside too!

Anita really likes her new handheld car vac. Get one HERE.

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