Episode 344

Hot Living Room Trends


June 25th, 2019

52 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

We love the idea of using - really using and enjoying - your living room daily.

There are some hot trends to discuss, suggestions we have and so much more.

So get a 'coffee or a cocktail' and settle in to get the scoop on all things living room.

Statement ceilings - dark colors are bold and lovely.

Lucerne Blue by Ben Moore is a color listener Jen W. used to great effect on one of her ceilings.

The living room is a place for statement art. Make it big & beautiful. June at Art Tide on Etsy has a wonderful selection of hand painted art in a variety of sizes. Visit ArtTide HERE.

Re-examine your fireplace.

Use black high heat paint to spruce up the firebox. Get a can HERE.

Remove the mesh curtain or metal door and the faux logs and opt for glass firestone. See a colorful assortment HERE.

Have a look at the daring pink fireplace Kelly talked about HERE.

Slide in an ottoman made from a kilm. See one HERE.

Or a darling pouf.

Our crushes are:

A podcast from Anita. It is called Reply All. Tune in HERE.

Kelly shares a particular pouf in a stunning blue as well as other colors.Look HERE.

Our listener question is from Rachel S. YOu can find Rachel on Instagram HERE.

For more details on rugs tune into our RUG episode HERE.

Anita suggests we are take a look at House & Garden UK. Find it HERE.

You can find the rug Anita designed for Dash & Albert HERE.

We have a fantastic Vintage Box opportunity over at Bespoke. A bit smaller than our Round Top box, but just as nice and at a lower price. There are only a few left, so pop over HERE to get your one of a kind hand curated by Kelly vintage box.

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