Episode 354

You Can Do It, Be Your Own Contractor


July 30th, 2019

44 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

We know you can do this! Be your own contractor with our tips and hard won advice.

Two main ingredients to success as your own GC are confidence & communication.

Acting as your own general contractor definitely saves $$$.

We empower & teach you how to make the plan you need, put together a team of sub contractors, get what you want and end up with the house/project of your dreams.

Anita's crush helps if you are tackling the job of GC.

Two books on just this subject:

The Complete Guide to Building & Renovating

What Your Contractor Can't Tell You

Kelly's crush takes us to Paris to the Yves St. Laurent museum - a must visit when you are on the right bank. Have a preview HERE.

Speaking of Paris - take advantage of our Bespoke Paris Combo special sale HERE.

We answer a listener question with a favorite product, The Original Bees Wax. Get it - try it - uses it on just about everything like we do! See it HERE.

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