Episode 398

Start the New Year Right at Home


December 31st, 2019

47 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode


While we ponder & plan all the possibilities for 2020, today we dwell in the practicality.

The things you should do right now to prepare your home to be a well oiled machine for 2020.

Doing these things saves you time, $$, space & energy. Leaving more of all that for the possibility part!

We don't have a color of the year, yet, but we have a word - CONNECTION !!
Listen in and learn of our plans to connect even more with YOU.
You will not want to miss out on the opportunity coming your way ...

Anita has convinced me to get a label maker. I picked out this one HERE.

Do you have an off site storage unit? What's in it? Please consider whether you really need it and whatever is in there.

Take your holiday storage to expert level with THIS & THIS.

Replacing THESE makes your home more efficient & saves moola. Make this the year to change 'em up!

Everyone should have one of THESE no matter where you live. Me too!!

Farm Girl Flowers are fabulous - treat yourself or someone special HERE.

Thanks to listener Barbara B for the tip on Kei & Molly textiles. Have a look at these wonderful products & learn about this 'do good company' HERE.


Anita loves the Pixie tinted moisturizer with lavender. Get a tube HERE.

Kelly keeps her busy schedule straight with a lovely Rifle Paper Company planner. Have a look HERE.

If you have a moment we would so appreciate it if you left a review for DTT on iTunes. Just go HERE and click listen in apple podcasts. Thanks in advance!

Kelly & Anita

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