Episode 429

How to Be Happier in Your Home - best of DTT


August 4th, 2020

44 mins 16 secs

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Now more than ever we need to be happy in our homes!

It is your home, so it's important that you are happy, content and enjoy living there. Here are our tips to be content with your home and to make everyday life in your home a joy.

Here are our tips to be content with your home and to make everyday life in your home a joy.

  • keep your house tidy
  • keep the clutter at bay
  • keep it picked up
  • start some new habits to keep it clean.
  • clutter causes stress - bring every room back to 'ready'
  • make your bed
  • display some sentimental items or favorite collections around your home
  • Focus on things you can take with you, if you think you are moving, but there is no need to ignore your home if you are moving.
  • think about the positives about your home, rather than the negatives. what drew you to it in the first place?
  • fix the things that are broken
  • make sure you have a comfortable mattress and seating
  • add beauty to your every day life. So if that kitchen sponge looks so gross you don't want to touch it, toss it!  get a new sponge!
  • make sure you have some nice things to use for your daily routine
  • add a special area for relaxing, reading, a cup of tea or listening to music
  • use essential oils in your home.
  • make your bedroom into a retreat
  • invite people over, entertain and have fun in your home
  • start a gratitude journal record a happy memory at the end of each day
  • don't have a temporary attitude about your home. Make it homey even if you don't plan to stay forever
  • don't compare your home with the ones you see on Pinterest and Instagram
  • replace an uncomfortable sofa or mattress

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