Episode 431

Fabulous Interview & Give Away - a must listen!


August 18th, 2020

51 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Schooch on over, we have three new friends at the table ...

In this episode you will get to know bloggers ~ Annie of Most Lovely Things, Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home & Cindy of Rough Luxe Lifestyle.

As so many of you say ... "listening to DTT is like having coffee ( or wine! ) with your girl friends, who just happen to be great decorators." Well ... you just got 3 more friends!

You are going to adore and admire these lovely ladies. They share their styles, friendship and of course, decorating tips during this chat with Kelly. Read on to get the links to their blogs, IG accounts & more.


Did you hear what the give away is? It is a one of a kind, once in a lifetime collection! No one else on planet earth will have this collection of decor pieces - no one. Better enter, before I decide to keep it all! ;)

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The give away includes:
~ a bamboo tray;
~ 2 strands of beads from Kenya;
~ a textured frame;
~ 2 decor books;
~ patina'ed silver sugar bowl;
~ a handpainted turtle shell

Visit & follow Annie at her blog, Most Lovely Things HERE & her Instagram HERE.

Visit & follow Mary Ann at her blog, Classic Casual Home HERE & her Instagram HERE.

Visit & follow Cindy at her blog, Rough Luxe Lifestyle HERE & her Instagram HERE.

For stunning examples of The Collected Look follow the #thecollectedlook on Instagram. Click HERE
Then post your photos to the 'gram with the #thecollectedlook for a chance to be featured by Annie, Mary Ann & Cindy.

Check out Annie's Coffee Shops of New York Instagram HERE.

My laundry room post as part of Project Design HERE.

The hot topic article might have you considering a move - read it HERE.


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Anita's crush is Just Knock Knock gorgeous container garden plants sent right to your door. Check it out HERE.

See the Just Knock Knock in action on Anita's Instagram HERE.

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Kelly & Anita