Episode 451

Give Your Home a Mood BOOST

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Christmas is over, and the Epiphany is today, so if you haven't put up your Christmas decor, you probably are doing it soon. So does your home look a bit depressing and bare? Let's talk about how to boost the mood in your home.

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Antelope pillows HERE

Blue and white celestial embroidered pillows HERE

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Bright colorful rug HERE

Blue and yellow plaid rug HERE

Pedestal planter HERE

Create your own lemon lavendar linen spray and rose linen spray
Get the recipes HERE

Koi fish glasses from the Seattle Art Museum HERE

Handmade porcelain & 22 carat gold extra large bowl from the Whitney Museum HERE

Immigrant Cookbook from the Tenement Museum HERE

Benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning HERE


Kelly's hot for her new steam heat toaster. Check out the Balmuda toaster HERE.

Anita's crush is the simple inexpensive way to hang artwork. The instructional video is HERE

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