Summer to Fall Decor

Episode 85 · August 13th, 2017 · 37 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

Transitioning from Summer to Fall happens slowly outdoors, so why not mimic nature and transition slowly indoors as well?

We love the idea of changing out your summer decor for fall decor slowly because

A. that is how it works in nature

B. it's a lot of work to do it all on the same day

C. in September you aren't ready for pumpkins just yet, but it's a great time to set out pears, apples, acorns and pine-cones.

Listen to the episode for our tried and true tips.

Yvonne has many posts on transitioning to fall CLICK HERE.

Learn how to decorate a bookcase step by step with Kelly and see those crayons in a jar she talked about HERE

Thanks to our listener Martha we now know we can get single color crayons in bulk HERE . THANK YOU for emailing us Martha!

Check out the Soft Surroundings wall art at Stone Gable CLICK HERE and Cedar Hill Farmhouse CLICK HERE.

Have look at Kelly's painted white pumpkins as floral arrangement containers - really gorgeous! Click HERE

For a real quick transition - got 10 minutes - to fall have a read HERE

Look how Kelly uses apples in her decor HERE

See Yvonne's fabulous Soft Surrounding's wall art HERE.

See how Yvonne uses corks in fall decorating HERE.

See Yvonne's post on drying hydrangeas HERE.

See Yvonne's recipe for pear galette HERE.

See Yvonne's fall banner HERE.

See how Yvonne uses a dough bowl and fills it for fall HERE.

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Crossholidation- mixing different holiday/season decor.
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