Episode 9

Episode 9: Fixing Home Problem Areas


February 17th, 2017

28 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

You don’t have to live with areas in your home that you don’t love! You can fix them and update them and make them a beautiful space in your home. It does take funds, and time and maybe a lot of elbow grease but it will also make your home a lot more easy to live in! Don’t just live with it… fix it!

Today we are chatting about areas in our homes we don’t particularly love and are working on! And we are giving sage advice about starting those sometimes daunting home projects! We hope this episode of Decorating Tips And Tricks inspire you to get started!!!!


SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!! Have a home fund to save for all home problem. Create a budget and use it as a guideline. This will alleviate so much stress!

Do research. Research and read reviews. When choosing a contractor do your homework. Research each contractor.  Hiring a professional is the best way to get a project done if you are not comfortable with the home project you are working on.

Get lots of quotes. The cheaper quote is not always the best one.

Measure everything and remeasure if you are doing a diy job. Don’t “beat to fit, paint to match”. (LOVE that quote Anita!)

Be ready for glitches. They happen. Have a plan B

Don’t forget to complete a project. Have an overall plan and systematically attack a room or project until it is DONE! It is so much more satisfying to finish a project than to have it partially done and start another one!

Avoid buyer’s remorse! Plan, get estimates, “sleep” on big decisions.

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