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Sept. 9, 2019

Be Happier In Your Home - Fall Edition

Be Happier In Your Home - Fall Edition

Taking care of your home is a form of self care that can really up your happiness. Ramp up your happiness at home with our tips and advice. Happier at home = happier overall. Listen in and get HAPPY!

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When transitioning from summer to fall you can up your general happiness by focusing on home.

Taking care of your home is a form of self care that can really increase your overall happiness. Ramp up your happiness at home with our tips and advice. Happier at home = happier overall.

Today we have tips & ideas on transiting from summer to fall, easy fall decor touches, fall scents & products, a few fall recipes and practical fall home mainenance advice.

We kick off with the practical stuff. Tune in to make sure you are keeping up with thes essential tasks.

Fall decor in a word - COZY!

Add texture, warm hues, layers, and natural elements.

Try these affordable ( $12.87 ) sweater pillows for texture. HERE

Check out this caramel colored pillow cover for just the right warm hue. HERE

How about a bunch or two of curly willow for a natural element with height. HERE

Fall colored vintage books is the perfect touch. Get a stack HERE

See velvet pumpkins on display on Kelly's transitional table HERE.

For the scent of fall throught our your home put on a small simmer pot with our suggestions. Get the small pot Kelly uses HERE.

Light up a candle to evoke the scent of the woodland.

Try these:

Votivo teak HERE.

Jo Malone incense & embers HERE.

Craft & Foster oakmoss & amberHERE.

Another way to scent your home & have dessert is to bake Kelly's rosemary apple pie. Recipe HERE.

For breakfast try Anita's favorite pumpkin pancakes. Recipe from Creative Cabin blog HERE.

If your wish is for world peace bake a batch of these cookies. Recipe HERE.

The barn painting was SOLD!

Our crushes:

Anita's Jason's travel sized toothpaste HERE.

Kelly's Verb shampoo HERE.

Thanks to Tracey for the wonderful fall decor tip!!

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