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Jan. 8, 2020

Decor Moves to Make in 2020

Decor Moves to Make in 2020

We are making some new decor moves to be spot on for the new year. You should too! Listen in to hear how you can incorporate some of the tempting trends ahead for 2020. Another important move we are making for 2020 is to start TEAM DTT ! Sign up & learn how to join us ... details below.

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We are making some new decor moves to be spot on for the new year. You should too! Listen in to hear how you can incorporate some of the tempting trends ahead.

Listen to our 2020 Trend Forecast episode and then start making some new decor moves to be in step for 2020. Listen HERE.

Down size if that feels right for you. Now is the time to go smaller and make those fewwer square feet absolutely fabulous. Less is definitely more when you can make a smaller home exactly to your liking.

If you are thinking about selling your home, spring time is a great time to put your house on the market, but even better timing, be the first on by getting your house ready to roll in February.

Add a garden room or add several plants to a sunny room in yoru home. Incorporating the natural world into your home is definitely a move to make in 2020.

Remember we talked about the 2020 trend to carve out a dedicated office space in your home. Here are several desks that can fit in small spaces and often do double duty.

We participate in the Amazon Associate program so we may receive a small fee if you purchase through our links. This in no way increases the amount you pay. Thanks for shopping through our links.

Check out the desk options HERE.

Set up a coffee station with a pretty machine & all the mix ins. See the one Anita bought for Kevin HERE.

Bringing nature in extends to adding green paint to your walls. Kelly suggests going dark, not sage-y if you decide to incorporate green paint in your home this year.

See the dark moody greens:

Farrow & Ball Studio Green HERE..

Ben Moore Salamander HERE.

Ben Moore Back Woods HERE.

Dunn and Edwards Back Woods HERE.

WALLPAPER!!! Do it! Check out this company they have some interesting patternsHERE.

Ochre is a big color for 2020. Have a look at these accessories that come in this hot color:

Big, I mean BIG, yarn throw HERE.

Tassel dripped pillow from West Elm HERE.

Silk weave textured pillow HERE.

Check out this website for information on companies who use sustainable practices to produce their decor products. Click HERE.

Black & white is a terrific fresh combination.

We think this trend is really dumb ... you might too. Gotta listen!


Kelly LOVES this sweet potato 'littles' - Dr. Prager's has a great line of side dishes HERE.

Anita is wrapped in her Soft Surroundings leopard chenille coverlet for her bed. Wrap yourself in one HERE.

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