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Feb. 23, 2022

Don't Deny the Urge to Purge

Don't Deny the Urge to Purge

Feel the freedom of an organized house when you give in to the 'urge to purge'. It's even more fun than buying something new. Take a listen and see what we mean.

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Feel the freedom of an organized house when you give in to the 'urge to purge'. It's even more fun than buying something new. Take a listen and see what we mean.

Firstly, please find someone to give your discards to. If you have old towels or blankets, check with your local humane society to see if they will take them.

Secondly try to do a declutter at least once a year. If you don't the job will become too overwhelming and you won't even want to start it.

Put like things together, that way you'll be able to find things and know where everything is. Now you will be less likely to accidentally buy something you already have.

DTT living room challenge

This is where practicality steps in. You may want the look of a Parisian flat with velvets and silk, but you live in suburban American with 2 small kids and a dog with a delicate digestive system. You are going to need to be honest with yourself on what you need for the space.

Think about how this room will be used and by whom.

Your deliverable: A list of activities that take place in this room, who is using the space, and special considerations for the space. Does it need
durable fabrics
multipurpose furniture
pet-friendly rug
extra seating

Is it used for watching TV
Is it used for homework?
it is a home workspace
Do you eat meals in here?

DTT DEFINES Quatrefoil

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