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June 1, 2022

Fresh Ideas for Summer Decorating

Fresh Ideas for Summer Decorating

Summertime and the living (and decorating) is easy! There are so many things you can do that are so simple.

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Summertime and the living (and decorating) is easy! There are so many things you can do that are so simple.

Summer decorating might just be more about what you take away than what you add. Remove and store away any items that say winter. That is includes the beloved furry monogolain pillows!

Maybe you take down drapes & let the room bask in even more sunlight.

If you are adding for summer, how about:

A straw hat casually hung on a hook or from a chair back; HERE

We participate in the Amazon Associates program so if you buy an item after clicking thru the links we may receive a small fee from Amazon. This in no way increases or effects the price you pay. Thank you if you do click thru to Amazon from our shownotes!

That saffron yellow Kelly loves; HERE

Demi John bottles in seaglass colors; HERE

Ticking pillows;HERE

A rattan chair; HERE.

Striped cotton rugs; HERE

Market baskets;HERE

A big bowl filled with lemons; HERE

Wicker trays; HERE

The versatile cloche; HERE

Bud vases for every room; HERE

Sweet Pea seeds for next year! HERE

Rattan tray - set of 3 HERE.

Lucite tray with gold or silver handle 11 x 17 and other sizes HERE.

Linen throw HERE.

DTT defines Finger Joint

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