Decorating Tips and Tricks

Such a gem

Perfect for the amateur decorator whether it’s just for you or, if like me, you want to learn more about design but don’t have the formal training.
I don’t know if it’s my learning style but I think everyone can appreciate a list (30 design rules) and I love how they just get to the point with the principles or tips and don’t have vague, endless conversations about design with no takeaways. I love design conversation- nothing wrong with that - but you want some kind of way to apply the principle at home. Plus I love the short vocabulary lesson at the end. Truly a podcast version of going to design school! The hosts are so charming and have great chemistry. It’s like if your neighbors or girlfriends happened to be interior designers who gave you game changer level ideas, everything from high end to HomeGoods! Keep up the good work, ladies! ❤️

Dec. 31, 2021 by chelcy_is_here_to_make_frendz on Apple Podcasts

Decorating Tips and Tricks