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April 5, 2023

Spring Clean Like Never Before

Spring Clean Like Never Before

Tips, tricks and products for the cleanest of clean and why cleaning is good for your home and health.

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It's time to throw up the windows and grab the brushes. Let's get excited about cleaning. If you can't get excited, maybe just get motivated to get the house cleaned, because you are going to love your clean house. 

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You need a stiff brush to use on grout tile like the one HERE

Aunt Fannies has great cleaners for windows HERE and for bathrooms HERE

I use a small dust mop like the one HERE

I love my baseboard buddy HERE

The under refrigerator brush I use is HERE

I use a lambswool duster for the furniture HERE

I love this furniture polish I use on my stainless steel appliances and the counter top HERE.


DTT defines Suzani fabric


Kelly's crush is the book The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford...get a copy HERE, listen on Audible HERE or watch the BBC adaptation HERE.

Anita's crush is the Youtube channel How to Renovate a Chateau HERE


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Anita & Kelly




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