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June 15, 2018

The Great Decorating Debate

The Great Decorating Debate

THE GREAT DECORATING DEBATE! Now, what is it? There are so many decor rules "out there". So many decorating rules to follow or to break. Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker? Do you go with the crowd when it comes to decorating rules?

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The next question is... do you "chop" your pillows or not? The 1,000 everyday people asked like the NON chopped look! Some of us are choppers and some not!

Staying with the pillow subject ... should the pillows on your sofa match exactly with your sofa? By 65% people did not like the matchy-matchy look?  What would you say?

Yvonne says, "Use your eyes to decide what things are more pleasing to you"!

THe Article we referenced is HERE.

Where should you put a sofa? Most people prefer a sofa against the wall. But we love a sofa that can be "floated" if at all possible. What do you think?

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This seems like a no-brainer... what size tv would you like best on a wall? Go big or go home that's what we say! Or you may want to get rid of your tv all together! Go iPad!

What is your favorite bedroom color? You would be surprised at the answers! Pink was the most disliked bedroom color. Can you guess the favorite? It was Yvonne's favorite too! Dark charcoal. It looks beautiful. We all agree don't paint a bedroom green. It is not good for any skin color. 

Let's now look at the ceilings in your home. What is your favorite color for a ceiling? The most popular color shown to 1,000 people was a saturated blue. Surprise!!!! We think it as because of the decor and colors of the room itself. What did you pick?

When hanging a trio of pictures and two were the same size and one was smaller how would you hang it. Most people like the smaller picture in the middle of the two larger pictures. And most people love a tri of pictures rather than one small or two together. It's all about the rule of 3.

Symmetry is usually most pleasing to the eye. And bigger is usually better!

Here's the most wonderful little gadget to hang pictures perfectly the very first time. See it HERE

If you were hanging a sofa over the sofa how close to the sofa would you hang it? Another surprise! We like our pictures a little closer to the sofa. Most people liked a large picture almost perfectly between the back of the sofa and the ceiling. We think... way too high!

Here's a biggie... let's say you have small-ish windows and need to hang curtains. How high would you hang them and how low will you let them fall? We say hang them as high as you can and let them trouser pleat on the floor or puddle.

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