Episode 382

Style Crimes, Are You Guilty?


November 5th, 2019

54 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

Style Crimes - oh there are many!

No one is innocent! Anita & I included...

Tune in to hear a multitude of style crimes - laugh along with us we call them out, fess up and defy the law!

Not going to list the crimes here because it is so much more fun to listen to us dish about them, hear us come clean and plead guilty !

Here are a few other episodes we reference in this episode:

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If you are guilty of out dated hardware or shy of crime, you just need a refresh then visit our friends at D Lawless Hardware for beautiful hardware at terrific prices. HERE.


Anita shares stunning French Cheese Knife set HERE.

Kelly is loving matt black salad plates from Pier One. Check them out HERE.

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Kelly & Anita