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Engaging and helpful

These girls are full of great advise. I listen when I'm out for a walk.

a fun listen!

These three ladies make me feel like I'm sitting around the kitchen table chatting over coffee!


I love this format of listening and learning! Awesome. Adore all you ladies which is an extra bonus.

Charming and Full of Home Decor Info

I love the tips and tricks covered in each episode and these ladies are so much fun to listen to. It's like having lunch with your closest friends. Grab a cup of coffee and take notes!


Funny, funny, funny AND informative! So well done. Highly recommend!


These three lovely ladies will not only brighten your day with their lively interaction, but their knowledge and experience will definitely turn your house into a home! It is obvious they love what they are doing! They are "CLASSICS"!

This Rocks

These ladies are the Rockstars of all things DIY! Love them!

Love it!

It's so funny and full of information.

Worth your time!

Ive only listened to one episode and its hilarious it has me chuckling already, and I'm ready to totally redo my room