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Love these ladies!

I have listened to every single podcast- started during the beginning of the pandemic, when I was sent home to work- and look forward to every new episode with great anticipation! I find you both to be incredibly informative, intelligent and knowledgeable, and you have really helped me fine-tune my own decorating skills without resorting to following trends or flash-in-the pan "looks" that ultimately make everyone's home look just like everyone else's! I have always loved interior design, but followed a different journey professionally- pursued a legal education,, practiced law for years, now work in the legal publishing world- but oh, how I wish I had followed my heart! Your show gives me the fix I need to quench my thirst for all things decorating and gardening! Thank you for continuing to bring quality, timeless decor advice to the masses!

Super Helpful and Practical Advice

I'm a new listener and have really been enjoying your podcast. The fact that each of you show exemptions to each others rules makes me realize that there is no decorating police. You offer sound advice and good suggestions for where to find inspiration. I also appreciate that you have very different voices. I've listened to podcasts before where the female hosts sound so much alike that I can't tell who is who. Overall I'm very happy to have found the Decorating Tips and Tricks Podcast!!

Absolutely Fabulous!!

I discovered this podcast after purchasing my first home and I am absolutely obsessed! I feel like I’ve known Anita and Kelly a long time and love how they get to the point with helpful design advice and tips. You keep me laughing and lift my spirits on my commute. Thanks for inspiring me transform my house into my dream home sanctuary. I’m looking forward to learning and supporting you both!

So helpful and inspiring

What a great show! I appreciated the tip about The Inside. Custom pieces are addictive. I love the fairly quick bouncing from tip to trend advice without beating subjects to death. Gives me something to look forward to! What fun. Thank you ladies, good job.

Informative and Entertaining!

I love listening to Decorating Tips and Tricks and every Wednesday when I head out to work I always check for their new episode to listen to while I drive! I have learned so much from listening to them and love hearing them chat together about all sorts of topics from design style to bits about their own lives!

Love love love

This podcast has provided hours of entertainment and is very informative. I think it's Kelly's voice that can be too high pitched at times. Most of the time they compliment each other at other times Kelly comes off as rude to Anita making ur feel cringy (it came through in episode 499) besides that I love it!

Fun, Informative

After 15 moves in 30 years and a collection of worldwide treasures assembled during my Navy career, decorating my first forever home has been a challenge. I have been binge listening this podcast, old and new. From “Less Stuff More Style” to Could YOU BE Over Decorating? I have learned so much already applied so many tips and tricks with many happy with results!

Love this Podcast

I’ve just recently found your podcast and have listened to not only the current ones but dozens of the older ones. You’re both funny and engaging and so full of knowledge and inspiration. Thanks and keep up the new episodes!

So happy to have found you!

Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about our home, honing my decorating skills, and setting intention behind what I buy to fit the space. I’m always looking for content to help me grow and learn to love the home I’m in. Thank you for creating this podcast!!

Consultation was JUST what I needed! Amazing!

I love to decorate as a hobby. Decorating Tips and Tricks is my favorite podcast! Kelly and Anita have a wonderful rapport and it's easy to tell they are true friends. Each episode gives me so many ideas to try in my own home. I especially appreciate that their suggestions range from the top of the line to "fake it." Having gained so much from this podcast I decided to hire Anita and Kelly for a consult on my office. Wow. They had so many ideas that were fabulous! I now know exactly what to do to take my office from hum drum to gorgeous! Worth every penny. Can't wait to hire them for the family room next!

Fun to listen to - learned a lot!

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this podcast but I’m so glad I have! I’ve been listening for years and always learn something new! Anita and Kelly keep the topics interesting while making the audience feel like like they’re visiting with friends. Thanks Ladies!!

So Helpful

I just found your podcast and love what I’ve heard already. We are building a large mountain home and I just began working with a decorator. Im having difficulty finding you on Instagram? Thanks!


Such a great podcast, I’ve been listening for a couple of years now at least. It’s really helped me learn to love design and how to tackle my home.

Good content

Voices a little shrill at times

How To Decorate with Blue!

Hi I’m Cristi, I absolutely loved this episode. Omg! My home is mostly Blue so I was literally looking up the links changing things that I already had! Lol So I’m doing my thing and I n a matter of 30 minutes,my living room had a entire makeover that both me and my husband love. Over all I love the DTT Podcast and I’m so happy that I found you lovely ladies. TC!🤍🦋

Look Forward To Each Episode

Would love to have you ladies come to my home to help me decorate! Both of your homes are just beautiful!!! xo

Perfect and practical advice!

Anita and Kelly, you have no idea what a positive influence you have on me! Both in inspiring me to elevate my home decor to make it a place I love, but also in providing a calming refuge from the day. I am a special education teacher, have five VERY busy kids, and am currently building a house, which is an experience that has been more anxiety producing than fun. Your podcast feels like a small escape with two friends. Your show is practical, helpful, positive, non-judgmental, and allows me to focus on the exciting parts of my new house in a way that gives me something to look forward to. Can't thank you enough for all you put into this--it is AMAZING!!!

So Fun

You ladies are fabulous. Thank you for doing this. I am enjoying every minute. I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning and I always learn something and have a chuckle too. I’m from North Texas and I love when they talk about Round Top, one of my favorite places to shop


These two ladies are like a breath of fresh air! I love how their different personalities compliment each other so well. I listen to the podcast with a smile on my face (Kelly cracks me up!) Anita is the more serious one but, she delivers her views with such class. After each episode, I can’t wait for the next one! They have such great tips and tricks and I use them all the time. I just wish there was a new episode daily however, I do listen to reruns.

Inspiring and fun

I started listening to this podcast when our move to a new home was followed closely by my broken leg followed even more closely by the start of the pandemic. I was housebound in more ways than one but could still implement decorating tips and tricks thanks to Anita and Kelly. I love their light hearted approach to decorating but their advice is both solid and approachable.

Decorating Tips and Tricks

I have listen to this podcast from the very beginning - episode 1! I have loved all their advice and feel like we are friends.

Moving into a Historical Home

My family and I are moving from 980 sq fr condo to a 1400 sq ft historical home in San Diego, CA at the end of January 2022. We have been in our current space for 18 years with 2 kids so… the move is significant. I was feeling overwhelmed thinking about how to furnish the new space and letting go of the current “stuff” which frankly is no longer our vibe. Your podcast has helped me in planning our new space. I feel confident and less overwhelmed. Love your show! I can’t want to show you our new space.

Love this podcast

I started listening this year and this is such an accessible way to approach and learn about design! All the advice and knowledge has been so helpful as I’m starting to design my own home! And I love that there are so many episodes to listen back to on almost any design topic :)

They know decorating!

I first found the DTT podcast when I was staging my home to sell and they had great tips for doing that! I’ve stayed to listen as I’m decorating my new home as well and it is well worth the listen!! Thanks ladies!!

I Love this Podcast!

This is the best podcast. Kelly and Anita have a great rapport, and they have so many practical ideas. It’s hard to believe how they just keep coming up with more. I’ve listened to a great many of the episodes and always find it very enjoyable. Thank you, Anita and Kelly!

Thank you!! Much needed bedroom refresh!!!

Your bedroom episode was well-timed for me and most appreciated! You energized me to replace my curtains and make a few other no cost tweaks in my master bedroom, and the room is much more peaceful feeling. My husband had surgery a few months ago and we have a recliner in our room that will be here as long as he needs it while he recovers, or forever if necessary. The large chair for the 6’3” guy is a decorating challenge, and combined with Christmas clutter, the vibe was depressing instead of refreshing. Now our bedroom feels like the retreat it should be, which is incredibly helpful and happiness boosting. Thank you ladies for the inspiration, ideas and sense of humor you share through your passion for homes and souls on your wonderful podcast. I enjoy every episode!

Such a gem

Perfect for the amateur decorator whether it’s just for you or, if like me, you want to learn more about design but don’t have the formal training. I don’t know if it’s my learning style but I think everyone can appreciate a list (30 design rules) and I love how they just get to the point with the principles or tips and don’t have vague, endless conversations about design with no takeaways. I love design conversation- nothing wrong with that - but you want some kind of way to apply the principle at home. Plus I love the short vocabulary lesson at the end. Truly a podcast version of going to design school! The hosts are so charming and have great chemistry. It’s like if your neighbors or girlfriends happened to be interior designers who gave you game changer level ideas, everything from high end to HomeGoods! Keep up the good work, ladies! ❤️

Learn and Laugh!

These two make me laugh and I’ve learned so much!!!! I thought I knew quite a lot about decorating, but now I know my education was lacking. Thanks to DTT I am avoiding decorating mistakes and getting lots of laughs when listening to this fun podcast.

New home help for a non-decorator

We moved into our dream home in 2020. We went from 900 sq ft to over 3000 sq ft and I was at an absolute loss. I am NOT a decorator and have a hard time putting the things I cherish together in a beautiful way. I started listening to the show by typing in “decorating tips” hoping to find a podcast that would help me. And to my wonderment DTT was the first and only Podcast I listened to. I listened for months while moving, unboxing, tearing down wallpaper and mowing grass. Thank you to Kelly and Anita for helping make my house a beautiful home. It’s still in progress but what house isn’t?! Highly recommend!!!

Practical tips and great advice

First off, love listening to these two. They have a good rapport which adds to their informative podcast. I started listening last year, when I was contemplating a first floor remodel. So grateful I did! From practical tips on creating Pinterest boards to color selection, furniture placement, and so much more. This has definitely helped me understand the process.