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Timeless Advice

There’s so much I like about this podcast! Kelly and Anita provide timeless advice that applies to all styles and all budgets. They aren’t all about the latest social media trend, but more about creating the look you love that will also function well. I learn something new in every episode.

Love Decorating Tips and Tricks!

I never miss an episode! Kelly and Anita have a great approach to breaking down decorating challenges that the average person can do.

Loving Tips & Tricks in Texas!

I’ve been a loyal listener since the inception of this podcast! It was a blessing to find after we moved to Texas…my dog gets a long walk and I have learned so much over the years. Thank you!!!

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Every week i look forward to the latest episode If DTT! I often listen to podcasts over again to get all the tips! It’s like hanging with girlfriends while I walk tge track at the Y. I also have found the links they share to be very informative.

young and clueless until this podcast !

Love this podcast!! This podcast is the ONLY one I listen to regularly. As a first time home buyer/young adult I am completely clueless about design… or I was until this podcast!!! I often relisten to episodes when I am designing specific areas of my houses and I hope to set up a design consult in the future! This podcast is a must listen to!

Does NOT make me sleepy….

:: true confessions:: i sometimes turn on podcasts to fall asleep to. NOT this one. I find my head swirling with colorful ideas and inspiration! This is a fun informative and friendly podcast! Thank you!!!

Nola girl renovating a house

Hello! I listen to y’all on my way to work as I usually have about a 30 minute commute. I am a BCBA in New Orleans, i work with kids who have Autism and i absolutely love my job. I love listening to your episodes because they give me a lot of motivation to finish house renovations so that I can start applying your great ideas and watch my own creativity blossom. I literally laugh at your jokes when I’m in the car by myself, your personalities always lift my spirits and i hope the two of you never stop talking shop!

Endlessly entertaining and practical

I love that they talk about big and small design fixes. I love that Anita and Kelly offer two perspectives to help me learn how to design my house well but not in a cookie cutter way.

What a relief while staying home

The ladies are so fun and practical and down to earth. The basics of decorating and some finer “advanced” curriculum, mixed together Thank you for this podcast!

The girls!

I believe my husband thinks I’m really friends with Kelly and Anita. When he asks what I’m doing, it’s always something like “having coffee with the girls” “going for a walk with the girls” etc! I have been listening since the beginning and have listened to every show. Not only have I learned so much and become a better decorator but y’all have gotten me though some tough times. I used to have a job I hated and the only thing that got me through was listening to y’all while walking on my lunch break. Thank you so much, you inspire so much more than just creating a beautiful home!

My love language

These ladies are speaking my love language - design! They are fun and playful - always make me laugh. And I’m always learning from them - hello tips! This is a great show for anyone who wants to make their home be more personal and fabulous. Like having a decorator as a best friend! Can’t recommend this show enough. Listen and enjoy.

Good informative podcast but….

Good, varied content is shared about interior designing. I enjoy what I’ve learned. BUT… the host’s judgement on what is affordable ($130!!! for plant pruners on an HGTV Obsessed podcast interview) and other obnoxiously priced things she talks about as being affordable is utterly cringeworthy. And host’s statements about buying duplicates of dishes, pillows, decor as if it’s not a big deal is nauseating. I’ve found myself almost turning off the podcast many many times because it is so off putting. I almost deleted it once from my podcast library after one extremely egregious obnoxious statement. But I’m being selfish and need all the help I can get w interior decorating. My take away message- try to be more aware of the things you say that give away the fact that you’re well off financially. It’s a huge enormous turn off.

The personal consult and podcast have changed my outlook in everything I do in my home!

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to finally feel as though I am free to make my home what I want it to be. I’ve always felt like I had to follow all the decorating rules given to us by society-in my case, my family (especially my husband!). My home had become a Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn catalog with no true personal meaning. Neutrals throughout made it feel very masculine and stale. Because of this podcast AND, especially the consultation I had with them, my home is finally becoming my sanctuary. They have guided me and given me permission to think outside the box and incorporate my own personal style. The consultation time made a huge impact on my decorating decisions in my family room and kitchen, which should be done soon! Thanks so much for giving your listeners courage, knowledge, and the push to decorate authentically!

Such a fun podcast!

I love listening to this podcast! I came for the decorating advice, but keep coming back for the fun, entertaining banter. It’s like going to coffee with my girlfriends! Great advice and great fun!

Love These Ladies

I know we live in a time of craziness, but these two are so happy and upbeat. It’s a nice vacation for my ears. I still have boob lights, but I hope to someday have a home that lives up to their standard. :)

Inspiration Inspiration!

The best podcast for getting me from my thinking stage to actually getting my home styled. The girls each have a different approach to design that all you could ask for in decorating. Not only decorating my tips for keeping your home running efficiently. They understand our homes are a huge part of our of our heart and souls! I’ve been binge listening for two weeks! Thanks ladies!!

Binge worthy

I love this podcast! So inspiring and great ideas. Get ready to start organizing purging and decorating because these ladies will inspire you to be the best you can be. Thank you Kelly and Anita for the joy you bring to my day.

Tip filled episodes!

Lots of good tips & interesting home topics. Binging all the episodes. Don’t always agree with some of the viewpoints but even they acknowledge that if you love it and it works with your style that’s what matters. Trends are so fleeting!

Practical Ideas

I enjoy DTT very much because Anita and Kelly present the show as if we were all just a group of friends having a chat over coffee (tea for Anita!). Their ideas are workable in real life, yet they are professional and up-to-date. Loved the episode on what looks cheap or tacky!! We need to know that stuff!

Enjoyable and informative

I love your podcast and love your advice but the ads are getting to be a bit much. I understand the need for ads but it’s getting a bit annoying.

Must Subscribe for Design Enthusiasts

Somehow Anita and Kelly manage to talk about a visual subject in a way that is easy and fun to follow. Their approachable and yet very knowledgeable point of view makes this one of my favorite design podcasts. They have such great chemistry. Each episode is a delight.

Wednesday is now my favorite day of the week, because a new DTT episode is posted!

After listening to you most current shows I started from the beginning and I’m binging as I walk my dog and exercise . I’m on episode 70, and it doesn’t matter that it could be dated. Now I like listening when I clean my house, you inspire me to organize and clean and rethink my decorating. I love all your topics, I love your laughter and love for each other. My saddest part of your podcast is when you say we’re running out of time, I want longer episodes. I follow your blogs and Instagram’s. I love checking your show notes for links for the items you’re talking about on each episode. My favorite day is now Wednesday when you post a new episode!!

Crash Course in First Class Appeal!

Kelly and Anita, you two are inspiring me something fierce! My husband and I recently purchased a brand new home just built in Middle Tennessee and all of the design choices were set when we bought it and it is about 90% complete. We are moving to the home from out of state so we have not even seen it in person! We have only seen photos and while we are pleased with the build, it's a lot of gray and white!!! Listening to your podcast has me so excited to get there this summer and get cracking with some balancing, symmetry, vignettes and the like! Thank you for laying the foundation for me to visualize the right directions for our new home!


I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with this extraordinarily talented design duo. I look forward to their banter and their stories of design tips and trickery to make my home more fabulous than it already is, thanks to the tips I have learned from these lovely ladies. And Kelly, I still love you even though you are not a midcentury mod fan. Best wishes and hugs to both of you. Jan

The podcast you have been looking for...

I have been struggling to find the ideal look for my home until I started listening to this podcast. Over the past year, I have been consistently listening to interior design podcasts trying to find inspiration and in the hopes to connect the dots to my uninspiring-looking home. Thankfully this podcast has not only given me a lot to ponder on as I am discerning what truly matches my style, they also HAVE LINKS TO EVERYTHING. Literally everything they discuss in the podcast they kindly link into the details section! I can not express to you all how helpful this is. So, thank you ladies for your wonderful podcast!

I literally laugh out loud!

I love listening to Kelly and Anita. They're so funny and it feels like I'm with girlfriends PLUS getting some great decor tips!

A fun listen

I love the playful and informative flavor of this podcast. I’ve learned so much about decor, but also listen just for a pick-me-up. Highly recommend this podcast!

Great podcast!

I am binge listening to this podcast. Every episode is fantastic!

Outdoor Pillows

I paint my pillows each summer to extend their life. I go to an automotive store and buy duplo color for fabric. It is a little stiff but who cares? The colors are beautiful. I had trouble finding pillows to fit my outdoor furniture so I tried this. It works great and saves money.

Fabulous Find

Just came across this podcast and I’m hooked. There is so much great information packed into each episode with links to EVERYTHING! These ladies make it easy to beautify your home and life. They are enjoyable to listen to and keep the pace of the show moving giving you great info and finds (that are available when you click on the links). Listen to the end when they give you some of their favorite crushes and answer a listeners questions. You are guaranteed to learn something. They best part is they don’t talk down or over your head.