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Love these ladies!!!

Obsessed with this podcast! Anita Jean and Miss Kelly are so thorough when talking about decorating ideas. They leave no leaf unturned.

Chicken Ladder

I usually listen to the podcast at night before going to sleep. My husband woke up to me laughing out loud at the “chicken ladder”. I so enjoy the podcast. It not only provides so many tips and trucks that I find myself listening to each episode at least twice but y’all keep me in stitches. Love it. Keep em coming

Best home decor podcast

This podcast has been so educational for my home decor. This is where I learned tips like using a limited color palette, hanging curtains up high, creating a “timeless” kitchen and much more. For someone who just moved into our first house it’s been VERY helpful!

Still the best home decorating podcast out there!!

Best podcast out there for anyone who is passionate about home decor!!! Whether you describe yourself as an aspiring decorator, curator of beauty, or feel like you lack the decorating gene, Anita and Kelly have got you covered. Sink in to your favorite chair or sofa to find out for yourself! You will feel right at home listening to these talented women share fantastic decorating tips and tricks. The chemistry between Anita and Kelly creates a seamless flow of conversation and it is fair to say that Kelly’s witty jokes (and Anita’s reactions to said jokes) have made me spit my drink out on more than one occasion. I have tried listening to other decorating podcasts, but Anita and Kelly still remain my favorite. Their personal stories on how they began blogging, podcasting and running a business are such an inspiration and have reignited my true passion for decorating. Much, much love and appreciation to Anita and Kelly. Colleen L

Fast moving and upbeat

Helpful thoughts from these two professionals. They offer suggestions and up to the current trend information, but encourage you to do you.

Great podcast. Your house will thank you!

I started listening to podcasts in 2020 to get away from the depressing news of the year. I stumbled upon this gem. So many great ideas. Thanks Anita and Kelly for all your great tips! I’ve implemented so many. I now have a dining room table that is sized properly for my room. A Boston fern and other plants that add so much. A print that I finally got around to framing after 15 years. I discovered I even have a cloche! Well maybe it’s a cupcake holder who knows. My pup Jesse thanks you too.His walks last a little longer when I listen to your podcast.Thanks again and Happy Birthday.

Easy listening

Such great tips and tricks! I love listening while on my daily walks!

Highly Recommend

I’ve been listening for several months. Such good ideas that don’t cost very much delivered as an enjoyable and authentic conversation between two experienced designers.

Loving it

I just recently found this podcast. It’s perfect for me right now as I’m so focused on my home at the moment. Like many of us. I love their tips. Most I can do immediately! And I find myself taking lots of notes. Always a sign of a good podcast!

I love DTT

Thank goodness for DTT; the ladies are getting me through Covid. The podcast is a perfect blend of information, humor, and fun chitchat. I’m starting back at episode 1 again.

My favorite podcast

I love these girls. They now seem like my friends and I look forward to hearing them each week. I’ve learned so much about my decor and even myself. Everyone needs these ladies in their lives.

Thank you Ladies

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these ladies this past year and truly appreciate the ideas and experiences they share. Keep them coming!

Love, Love, Love!!

I have so enjoyed the authenticity, the laughter, and the joy shared by these beautiful hosts! Their books inspire, their personal stories are a joy and these women absolutely LOVE decorating! So often when I feel stuck, I listen in and my mood is boosted by just hearing the stories Anita and Kelly tell about their own decorating stories. After the holidays this year, I needed just such a boost and they were there for me full of ideas and ways to go forward into 2021 to help me make my home a beautiful , happy and refreshing place to be. Thank you both, Anita and Kelly!

Great Podcast with Unique Ideas

I discovered this podcast during the pandemic and am hooked. It really boosted my mood during a difficult time. Not only that, these ladies truly bring unique and interesting ideas on interior design. I have checked out their Instagram pages and their design style is not super similar to mine, but the podcast is still helpful and relatable. The other great part about this podcast is that they really lift each other up. I have listened to a lot of podcasts and then dropped them because the hosts seemed to be really competitive with one another, but I love that these ladies celebrate their differences and each other. It’s really refreshing!

The podcast I reward myself with

I wait in anticipation for this podcast all week. The tips are trendy yet timeless. Even on a budget, I can always find some tidbit I can incorporate in my own home.

A joy to listen to.

These ladies, really have energized my life. Lol. Seriously! They both are such a joy to listen too. They have some amazing ideas that most people can consider or apply in your own homes. I enjoy listening to them most, while cleaning. The holiday and post holiday episodes are just delightful! I love the blends of your personalities!

Love these ladies!

I look forward to each episode and always learn a great deal while having a blast. One cautionary note...... hold on tight to your elliptical trainer handles or treadmill supports if you listen while exercising. These ladies are hilarious. I almost made a spectacle of myself at the gym listening to the sofa episode! Kelly and Anita make my Wednesday extra special.

Useful info!

This podcast provides useful and realistic tips for interior design. I also enjoy how they explain tips such as put items in 3, symmetry is good and if it is a trend or classic. I also enjoy their relationship and how they get along so well!

What a Great Resource!

This podcast has helped us design room after room in our home. We went from feeling like we had “settled” on our house to truly enjoying all the functional, beautiful spaces in our home. You will learn so much from listening in!

Enjoying all the ideas!

Such a fun, friendship-based podcast with helpful ideas. I enjoy their banter and the somewhat impromptu feel of their conversations. Their ideas have a high-end vision, but they are actually practical with reasonable price points in their suggestions. It’s been a fun distraction while we are all spending a lot of time at home.

You had me at Peter Brady!

What a fun podcast. I finally downloaded Big Sur on my laptop so easy now to listen to you while I’m working with the apple podcast right on my desktop. I made a note of your Amazon brands for future. O-M-G - Peter Brady is the guy behind Christopher Knight. You learn something everyday. And thanks for the discount code. Keep up the great! We need good content in this crazy world right now.

So Encouraging!

I always KNEW that I had style, but now I can put a name to it! These ladies have encouraged me to incorporate new ideas in decorating, gift giving, and entertaining, all while steering me to the bargains they have ferreted out online. They are funny and light hearted and a joy to listen to.

Amazing advice, funny dispositions and all around easy to listen to

Kelly and Anita, I love listening to your podcasts. I came across it at the beginning of COVID and have listened to it faithfully every day. Your advice is so practical and sounds so put together. I was just listening to an old episode about updating kitchens and felt such validation because I had made many of the changes you both recommended (painted cabinets white, replaced the hardware, installed under cabinet lighting, replaced the backsplash and retiled the apron of my island to match my style more). My family has been living in our 1995 house for the past 12 years and we’ve tackled many revamping projects to elevate the original builders grade everything to a home that is more stylish and has higher end finishes. Having 3 kids and a dog, not all styles work for our lifestyle and I love that you both share what works practically for both of your families. I look forward to the new episodes and have been filling the off days with older episodes that are new to me.

Love these ladies and their decorating tips

Kelly and Anita provide a plethora of decorating tips, design ideas, and advice that are practical, budget friendly and beautiful. I have learned so much from these ladies! Listening to them has given me a new perspective on my home and my abilities to create a space is welcoming, comfortable and beautiful. They are always cheering you on to take chances or to save you from making a big mistake. Their sense of humor and easy conversation make this podcast a joy to listen to, especially during COVID when we are home so much more and thinking, “why is all my furniture brown”?

Favorite of all my podcasts!!

These 2 women are not only great at giving fabulous decor advice but the way they deliver this podcast is superb!! They are always honest and genuine. You truly feel as if you’re having a cup of coffee/tea or glass of wine with good girlfriends and chatting it up about all things decor and home, 2 of my favs...subscribe today and I promise you’ll be counting the day’s until their next episode is released!! A forever fan, Mariaelena Ullinger

Wonderful tips!

We were moving from a lofted studio to a single family home and I felt overwhelmed. I searched home decor podcasts and I am so happy I found Decorating Tips & Tricks. I started from episode 1. Each episode is specific and simple. I’ve blended their tips into my current style and I discovered a love for home decorating I didn’t have before (also much more confidence in making purchases for our new home!). If you have a decorating challenge you’ll likely find they’ve covered it.


I love Decorating Tips

Inspiring and helpful

If you love peeking into others’ homes and then replicating the beautiful things you see, this is the podcast for you. It feels like you are having a conversation with ladies you know, especially when they share their “crushes”. I’m so happy I found this podcast.

Good learning.

Like the podcast very much and mix of personalities. They don’t get talking so much about their lives like so many bloggers and podcasters do. I am listening to learn primarily and enjoy secondly. My only negative is this new club they are talking about... asking us to pay a fee for special opportunities etc. I understand podcasters are making a living but this bit seems off to me.

Great podcast

These girls are wonderful, it feels like I know them and I’m waiting for them to invite me to there houses. I’ve been listen to practically all the episodes that they put out there. I’m waiting and waiting for fall to arrive and to pass the time I’ve been listening to all there old fall episodes and I mean ALL, and then seeing what I should put in my room and what I should change in there😊. So Anita and Kelly ,if you are reading this ( which I’m sure you are) I need some more fall episodes, please PLEASE ❣️thx